Quick “Chill Pill” for the Temperamental Mind

Do you wish you had a way to get a grip over your highly temperamental mind in difficult situations?

Do you often look back at situations and feel guilty of having overreacted?

Have you featured in any of the “psycho bitch” videos on youtube?

If yes, then hi there fellow nutter :) Join the club.

I have a piece of advice that works wonders.

When you feel like you’re about to blow up in someone’s face, ask yourself…


So what that they used your frying pan and didn’t wash it up?

So what that they shared that awesome article you found with that wanker you never quite liked?

So what that people walk too slowly on the tube?

So what that some asshole elbowed his way in front of you in that queue?

You’ll be surprised how often you won’t have a good answer.

And if you do have a good answer, ask again, and again, and again – until the situation starts feeling absurd or you get bored. Both work just fine.

It’s not easy though. To remember to ask yourself that one question when your mind is racing 60mph in an opposite direction. So ask early, before you accelerate.

Every time I managed to do so, I had much better results than anything else I tried. Instant calm. And like with most things of the mind, if you repeat a thought pattern often enough it will become second nature.

Now do what you do best and go pick a fight with someone just to test it :)

And if all else fails, here’s a photo of my dog chilling by the beach.

dog chilling by the beach

Also, if you’d like a further reality check, read Tiny Beautiful Things. Ignore the cheesy subtitle – the book is awesome in giving perspective on matters that appear to be important when they really aren’t.

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