Where to Grab a Healthy Lunch in Soho, London

So yesterday was a bit of an end of an era for me – my last day with my first ever employer! It was all a bit surreal, goodbyes and all. You know when you first decide to leave you race towards it and then, when it’s just just about to happen… you slam down the brakes and you want to hold onto that last moment. Last hug. Last joke. Last whatever. Kinda like with breakups.

But let’s not get too deep here :) As a little tribute I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite places to grab a healthy lunch in Soho – we were based smack bang in the middle of Soho and I spent good four years exploring this crazy hood. So here goes!

The Detox Kitchen – W1B 5PJ – 10 Kingly Street (Carnaby Street Area)


detox kitchen detox kitchen

They do AMAZING salads which you can just get on their own or bulk up with a protein main, such as chicken breast or a salmon burger. There is some seating inside but the place is tiny and gets filled quickly – I usually just take away. Also, your best bet is to get there early – this one time I rocked up around 2pm and they were sold out of most salads! They also do smoothies and nut milks, as well as a small variety of healthier desserts like sugar-free muffins and brownies.

Mojo – W1F 8DP – 8 D’Arblay Street 


mojo london mojo beetroot shots

One of my most recent favourites. They do a variety of salads which you can get with a hot or a cold main (vegan option available). They also do a lunch deal with salad, main and cold-pressed juice – I think it was just under £10. Last time I was there I thought they were a bit too generous with their dressings – so keep an eye on this, although when I spoke to them they told me they might start serving the dressing in little pots separately so you can decide how much you want. They also sell kale, beetroot and banana crisps. Good for takeaway and sit down lunch.

Savage Salads – W1f 8HT – Broadwick Street


savage salads savage salads

This is a market stall on Broadwick Street. They do a variety of salads with the main of  chicken breast or halloumi. The salads are great, but I thought their chicken breasts were waaaaay too salty. Good value though – you get the whole thing for around £5! Bear in mind they’ve got plenty of fans – expect to have to queue unless the weather is particularly bad.

Whole Foods Market – W1B 5AR – Piccadilly Circus


whole foods market sushi

They have a salad bar and at least at the time of this post, they do this deal on Wednesdays for 20% off. You pick & mix your own salads – ingredients usually available are tomatoes, peas, corn, beetroot, roasted veg, eggs, salmon, tuna, tofu, feta, hummus, olives etc. Pay by weight. I also like their brown rice sushi. Good for takeaway & sit down lunch.

Wild Food Cafe – WC2H 9DP – Neal’s Yard


wild food cafe wild food cafe cheesecake

Oh man, I LOVE this place. They do raw, vegan and in-between. And amazing desserts. And smoothies. And there’s always a soup on the menu for those colder days. I’m not sure if they do takeaway – I’ve always had a sit down lunch there. The place opens at 12pm for lunch and fills up quickly – if you show up around 1pm you will probably have to wait and they don’t take reservations.

Food For Thought – WC2H 9PR – Neal Street


food for thought food for thought

This is where I go when I want some serious comfort food. They always have at least 3 salad options and 3-4 mains which are usually gooey stewy warm pots of comfort. It’s around £8 to get both – a salad and a main. There’s seating downstairs but it’s kinda cramped – if I eat there I prefer to eat at the window seat by the entrance where they serve takeaway customers.

Fresh Healthy Eating Cafe – W1F 9AR -51 Lexington Street


healthy fresh eating cafe

Here they do pick & mix salads to take away, a gazillion smoothies and all kinds of healthier snacks & treats.  What I love most about this place though is that they have dolmades – stuffed vine leaves which remind me of holidays in Turkey and Jordan.

Carbon Grill – W1F 9TY – 78 Brewer Street


carbon grill quinoa feta salad carbon grill sea bass

This is a funky little place which specialises in all things grilled (chicken, other meat, fish, veg). They do meal boxes and wraps, but what I really go there for is the quinoa feta salad with pomegranate and zatar :)

Juice Tonic – W1D 6JY – 3 Winnett Street


juice tonic

They specialise mainly in cold-pressed juices and smoothies, but I also like their wraps. For when you’re in the mood for a wrap :)


And finally, I’d like to dedicate this post to my homie Tobey who was a frickin star to work with, an awesome lunch buddy and just a great all-round partner in crime. I might have left first, but he’s soon to leave all the way back to Australia. Sad face. You already know this, but I’ll miss you loads bro!

hummus bros

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