Make the Most of Your ClassPass Trial

ClassPass is great. You know all these trendy boutique fitness classes that charge you around £15 a pop, and you kind of want to give them a go but if you want to work out regularly it quickly gets expensive or you end up signing up for a monthly membership and then get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over? Yeah, to hell with that. ClassPass let’s you try all kinds of things all the time at the cost of a single standard gym membership. What’s not to like? :)

Ages ago I did their one week trial. I’m not sure if they still do these but if they do, here are some tips on making the most out of yours!

1. Start your trial on the day that you have more free time because you get that day twice in your weekly trial. Basically if you start your trial on a Sunday it starts immediately and it expires at the end of Sunday next week. So if you sign up early morning on the Sunday you pretty much get two Sundays. You also want to make sure you have the best variety and availability of classes that you’d like to try that day. If all you want to do is try every single boxing studio in London but none of them do classes on Sundays then you should start your trial on a different day.

2. Work with your commuting time – pick studios close to home/work to try before work or at lunchtime and venture further out on weekends

3. Beware that most boutique studios have limited shower facilities! I tried a bunch of studios which had just two showers. Even if the class is small you might not always have the time to wait in line, especially if you’re doing the class before work.

4. Popular classes get booked out quickly. Make a shortlist of classes you’re dying to try out and book these as soon as you sign up for your trial to avoid disappointment.

5. Some classes close sign-ups 12h ahead – even if they didn’t get fully booked.

6. You can’t book more than 3 classes in the same studio (even if the branch or class you’re booking is different)

7. If you want to go all out you’ve got to be prepared for fast recovery from doms. Get a foam roller, compression clothing – whatever works best for you.

8. Consider front-loading, i.e. trying out the hardest classes first. If you’re planning to soldier through the whole week, at some point fatigue will kick in and you might enjoy the hard classes less if you’re really struggling.


Which Classes Should I Pick?

You’ve only got one week on the trial so make sure you have a good plan before you start. Try to mix it up and do both – stuff you know you love and classes you’ve never tried before.

Check out cult gyms – 1Rebel, Lomax, Project Fit, Frame, Boom Cycle.

Or cult classes – barre, hot yoga, crossfit.

Why not try something new or quirky? Capoeira, circus, trapeze, parkour etc.

Have fun and train safe! :)

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