ClassPass is Here! And I’m Doing a Tour of London’s Best Classes to Celebrate

So ClassPass finally arrived to London!!! OH YES!

What the hell is ClassPass? Well… it’s only the best thing EVER. Seriously. If you get excited about doing new things, going to new places, sweating with new people then you will probably love it. It basically allows you to explore all these hot boutique gyms all over London and take unlimited classes without having to commit to any single one of them, all for £89 a month which is only a little more than my current gym membership. In fact right now I think they’re doing a launch promo of £79. There is only one catch – you can only attend any one place up to 3 times a month.

Because here’s the problem – if you want variety (i.e. spinning, yoga etc) the most economical solution is to get a membership at an old-school gym which offers the lot – but often at the expense of not being able to try the latest, trendiest stuff. On the other hand, if you want to be all over the hottest trends (barre, bikram, whatnot) your best bet are these super specialised boutique gyms – but at the expense of only having access to that one, or at best a small handful, of classes. If you want to do barre AND bikram AND spinning that usually requires three separate boutique memberships or pay as you go – both of which can quickly become pricey, especially if you workout regularly. ClassPass fixes that problem. It’s one of those start-ups that I wish I had founded!

I’m doing a trial with them right now and they gave me a link to share with friends which would give both me AND YOU £50 off the next month – but I can only use the link 5 times, so here it goes, first come first served! The link expires 31st March. If you don’t get the discount it’s either because 5 people snatched it already or it’s past 31st March :(

Anyway – so to celebrate this new arrival I signed up for their 8 day trial (which is an amazing deal by the way, unlimited classes for 8 days for £10!! NUTS!!) and I’m going on a proper fitness binge touring London’s best fitness classes. Double days and all. So watch this space to see how I get on :) You can also follow my progress on insta (@sweatandfuel)!

See you on the other side folks…


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