How to Nail the Whole “Gratitude” Thing

feet in cold water

Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably been hearing everyone banging about "gratitude" as the heal all penicillin for the mind. It's meant to help you perceive stuff - life, work, etc - in a more positive light. The idea is that too often we focus on the negative (which makes sense from an evolutionary point of view - it's all about avoiding potential danger/problems) and don't give the good the weight it deserves which then throws us out of balance. Well here are my two cents. I started doing a "gratitude journal" ages ago. My goal was to find three things to be grateful … [Read more...]

Quick “Chill Pill” for the Temperamental Mind

dog chilling by the beach

Do you wish you had a way to get a grip over your highly temperamental mind in difficult situations? Do you often look back at situations and feel guilty of having overreacted? Have you featured in any of the "psycho bitch" videos on youtube? If yes, then hi there fellow nutter :) Join the club. I have a piece of advice that works wonders. When you feel like you're about to blow up in someone's face, ask yourself... ...SO WHAT? So what that they used your frying pan and didn't wash it up? So what that they shared that awesome article you found with that wanker you never … [Read more...]