7 Hacks to Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Deeper

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This year, I'm changing stuff up a little. I'm doing this new thing, I think it's called prioritising :) I decided that on a daily basis I have three non-negotiable priorities: #1 Eat AMAZING food (after you're done with this go check out my insta - foodgasm central!) #2 Exercise - even if it's as short as 10mins. Walking doesn't count. #3 Get a good night's sleep. Every night. That's it. Everything else comes second. If I get these three right, I can totally handle everything else. Since this post is specifically about sleep let me elaborate why sleep is so important. First … [Read more...]

Where to Grab a Healthy Lunch in Soho, London

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So yesterday was a bit of an end of an era for me - my last day with my first ever employer! It was all a bit surreal, goodbyes and all. You know when you first decide to leave you race towards it and then, when it's just just about to happen... you slam down the brakes and you want to hold onto that last moment. Last hug. Last joke. Last whatever. Kinda like with breakups. But let's not get too deep here :) As a little tribute I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite places to grab a healthy lunch in Soho - we were based smack bang in the middle of Soho and I spent good four years … [Read more...]

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Petra Jordan

I LOVE TRAVELLING! Trying funky local foods. Being blown away by natural beauty. Salty sea water. Mountains. Forests. Beach. Snow. Breeze. Overall emotional YUM. But you know what I'm not a fan of? Feeling bloated. And lazy. And just meeeh. I mean, holidays don't last forever and there's all this stuff I want to try/see/taste/touch and it really sucks if I feel my energy levels don't keep up. Maybe it's the over-processed snacks at the airport, or airplane food, or too much wheat, or not enough water. Too much food. Stuff like that. I say, to hell with that! Here's my 5 step … [Read more...]