Apple Watch is Like (Junk) Food for the Mind

I’m going to jump ahead and clarify I’m not an Apple/tech hater. If anything, I love Apple for their psycho-perfectionism and I drooled all over their recent keynote like the rest of us. I also have a huge soft spot for wearables especially when it comes to tracking health & fitness. So this is all starting off a friendly ground :) But here’s how I feel about the Apple Watch (and its neighbours). It feels like a step in a strange direction. More of us are waking up to taking control of our happiness through healthy living & mindfulness. More people run marathons/craft location … [Read more...]

Persistent Purpose – The Missing Magic Sauce in Wearable Tech

basis watch

My love affair with wearable tech over the last decade looked something like this: First device - Garmin Forerunner 405 (circa 2008) - I just really wanted to know how far/fast I run while I'm running so that I can follow training plans more accurately and achieve better results (and not give up during a run prematurely). It did the job perfectly and was my only piece of wearable tech for years >>> Jawbone UP comes out - I can measure steps AND sleep!? Holy guacamole!! I assumed it meant that from now on I will have a good night's sleep every night for the rest of my life … [Read more...]

REVIEW: Moov Fitness Device

Moov on the Ankle

Update Feb '15: There's a new app they released for a 7 minute workout which I'm testing right now. In the meantime you can read more about it here. What is Moov? Moov is a fitness gadget worn on the wrist or the ankle that tracks data about your practice of a particular sport. What sets it apart from the other fitness gadgets in the market is its versatility - the hardware has the capacity to track meaningful data on most types of physical activity. The variety of sports for which you can use the device is simply down to the apps Moov develop to process the data. This means that even … [Read more...]