Make the Most of Your ClassPass Trial

ClassPass is great. You know all these trendy boutique fitness classes that charge you around £15 a pop, and you kind of want to give them a go but if you want to work out regularly it quickly gets expensive or you end up signing up for a monthly membership and then get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over? Yeah, to hell with that. ClassPass let's you try all kinds of things all the time at the cost of a single standard gym membership. What's not to like? :) Ages ago I did their one week trial. I'm not sure if they still do these but if they do, here are some tips on making … [Read more...]

ClassPass is Here! And I’m Doing a Tour of London’s Best Classes to Celebrate

So ClassPass finally arrived to London!!! OH YES! What the hell is ClassPass? Well... it's only the best thing EVER. Seriously. If you get excited about doing new things, going to new places, sweating with new people then you will probably love it. It basically allows you to explore all these hot boutique gyms all over London and take unlimited classes without having to commit to any single one of them, all for £89 a month which is only a little more than my current gym membership. In fact right now I think they're doing a launch promo of £79. There is only one catch - you can only attend … [Read more...]