Delayed Introduction & What This is All About

Sweat&Fuel isn’t just about fitness & food.

Sweat is the hustle. The hustle of getting up stupidly early in the morning for a pre-work swim. Whipping up a super healthy lunch for the next day when really you’d rather be doing something else. Hitting the wall a million times trying to build new habits. Trying to stay healthy when the circumstances make every other option easier. Trying to engineer your mind to do more positive thinking, almost none of which happens overnight. So you hustle, and fail, and try again.

Fuel is about trickling back the small daily wins to power you to do more. Yes, it’s the healthy lunch you whipped up last night that’s now making you the only person in the office who isn’t having an afternoon sugar crash. But it’s also the reward of having nailed a new habit, countered a negative thought with a positive one, convincing yourself that you can do stuff and that you’re awesome (even if you only believe that for a split second before you sabotage yourself with self-criticism) and that you are that way by default. The high you get after a good run. Stuff like that.

This is what I’m all about. Health is so much more than a run & a green smoothie. It’s about small decisions you make every moment. It’s about what goes on in your head. It’s about forming the right habits. It’s about knowing when to compromise…and when not to. It’s about being happy.

Welcome to my playground!


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