Make the Most of Your ClassPass Trial

ClassPass is great. You know all these trendy boutique fitness classes that charge you around £15 a pop, and you kind of want to give them a go but if you want to work out regularly it quickly gets expensive or you end up signing up for a monthly membership and then get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over? Yeah, to hell with that. ClassPass let's you try all kinds of things all the time at the cost of a single standard gym membership. What's not to like? :) Ages ago I did their one week trial. I'm not sure if they still do these but if they do, here are some tips on making … [Read more...]

ClassPass is Here! And I’m Doing a Tour of London’s Best Classes to Celebrate

So ClassPass finally arrived to London!!! OH YES! What the hell is ClassPass? Well... it's only the best thing EVER. Seriously. If you get excited about doing new things, going to new places, sweating with new people then you will probably love it. It basically allows you to explore all these hot boutique gyms all over London and take unlimited classes without having to commit to any single one of them, all for £89 a month which is only a little more than my current gym membership. In fact right now I think they're doing a launch promo of £79. There is only one catch - you can only attend … [Read more...]

Apple Watch is Like (Junk) Food for the Mind

I’m going to jump ahead and clarify I’m not an Apple/tech hater. If anything, I love Apple for their psycho-perfectionism and I drooled all over their recent keynote like the rest of us. I also have a huge soft spot for wearables especially when it comes to tracking health & fitness. So this is all starting off a friendly ground :) But here’s how I feel about the Apple Watch (and its neighbours). It feels like a step in a strange direction. More of us are waking up to taking control of our happiness through healthy living & mindfulness. More people run marathons/craft location … [Read more...]

Delayed Introduction & What This is All About


Sweat&Fuel isn't just about fitness & food. Sweat is the hustle. The hustle of getting up stupidly early in the morning for a pre-work swim. Whipping up a super healthy lunch for the next day when really you'd rather be doing something else. Hitting the wall a million times trying to build new habits. Trying to stay healthy when the circumstances make every other option easier. Trying to engineer your mind to do more positive thinking, almost none of which happens overnight. So you hustle, and fail, and try again. Fuel is about trickling back the small daily wins to power you to … [Read more...]

How to Nail the Whole “Gratitude” Thing

feet in cold water

Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably been hearing everyone banging about "gratitude" as the heal all penicillin for the mind. It's meant to help you perceive stuff - life, work, etc - in a more positive light. The idea is that too often we focus on the negative (which makes sense from an evolutionary point of view - it's all about avoiding potential danger/problems) and don't give the good the weight it deserves which then throws us out of balance. Well here are my two cents. I started doing a "gratitude journal" ages ago. My goal was to find three things to be grateful … [Read more...]

Persistent Purpose – The Missing Magic Sauce in Wearable Tech

basis watch

My love affair with wearable tech over the last decade looked something like this: First device - Garmin Forerunner 405 (circa 2008) - I just really wanted to know how far/fast I run while I'm running so that I can follow training plans more accurately and achieve better results (and not give up during a run prematurely). It did the job perfectly and was my only piece of wearable tech for years >>> Jawbone UP comes out - I can measure steps AND sleep!? Holy guacamole!! I assumed it meant that from now on I will have a good night's sleep every night for the rest of my life … [Read more...]

7 Hacks to Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Deeper

sunset mont saint-michel

This year, I'm changing stuff up a little. I'm doing this new thing, I think it's called prioritising :) I decided that on a daily basis I have three non-negotiable priorities: #1 Eat AMAZING food (after you're done with this go check out my insta - foodgasm central!) #2 Exercise - even if it's as short as 10mins. Walking doesn't count. #3 Get a good night's sleep. Every night. That's it. Everything else comes second. If I get these three right, I can totally handle everything else. Since this post is specifically about sleep let me elaborate why sleep is so important. First … [Read more...]

Where to Grab a Healthy Lunch in Soho, London

food for thought

So yesterday was a bit of an end of an era for me - my last day with my first ever employer! It was all a bit surreal, goodbyes and all. You know when you first decide to leave you race towards it and then, when it's just just about to happen... you slam down the brakes and you want to hold onto that last moment. Last hug. Last joke. Last whatever. Kinda like with breakups. But let's not get too deep here :) As a little tribute I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite places to grab a healthy lunch in Soho - we were based smack bang in the middle of Soho and I spent good four years … [Read more...]

How to Stay Healthy While Travelling

Petra Jordan

I LOVE TRAVELLING! Trying funky local foods. Being blown away by natural beauty. Salty sea water. Mountains. Forests. Beach. Snow. Breeze. Overall emotional YUM. But you know what I'm not a fan of? Feeling bloated. And lazy. And just meeeh. I mean, holidays don't last forever and there's all this stuff I want to try/see/taste/touch and it really sucks if I feel my energy levels don't keep up. Maybe it's the over-processed snacks at the airport, or airplane food, or too much wheat, or not enough water. Too much food. Stuff like that. I say, to hell with that! Here's my 5 step … [Read more...]

Quick “Chill Pill” for the Temperamental Mind

dog chilling by the beach

Do you wish you had a way to get a grip over your highly temperamental mind in difficult situations? Do you often look back at situations and feel guilty of having overreacted? Have you featured in any of the "psycho bitch" videos on youtube? If yes, then hi there fellow nutter :) Join the club. I have a piece of advice that works wonders. When you feel like you're about to blow up in someone's face, ask yourself... ...SO WHAT? So what that they used your frying pan and didn't wash it up? So what that they shared that awesome article you found with that wanker you never … [Read more...]